Who is Team SRC?
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Susann Rivera, Creative Director

Susann Rivera provides the overall creative vision for Team SRC. A veteran of big advertising agencies, J. Walter Thompson and Foote, Cone and Belding, Susann founded Team SRC in 1987. When she's not writing or producing, Susann can be found shopping, reading or most likely, waiting for a flight at some airport.

A native of Lincolnwood, Illinois, she is the proud mother of feline twins, Taiga and Nikki, and Tundra, the first cat in the world to be cloned.

Michele Robertson, Senior Associate

Michele manages to naturally unite her love of adrenaline-rush sports with her career as a senior marketing associate at SRC. She juggles a heavy field marketing schedule, assisting in the development of effective sales strategies and training. As well as dodging bullets from her many clients all across the country, bungee jumping is a cakewalk compared to Michele's active schedule.

A native of San Jose, California, she is a graduate of Santa Clara University, and is a shopaholic who loves finding treasures for her young daughter, Samantha.

Dana Barnebey, Senior Associate, Promotions Director and Tradeshow Specialist

Dana began her marketing and promotions career almost 20 years ago. Also a veteran of the advertising world, Dana has worked on a wide variety of accounts. She is dedicated to client service and supervising all promotional elements as part of the overall marketing strategy and tradeshows.

An army brat, Dana is a native of West Germany and Monterey, California. She is an honor graduate and holds a Bachelor of Arts from San Jose State University. Dana's a sports enthusiast, enjoys travel, but not fruit with her meat entrees.

Linda Mogel, Media Navigator

Linda is the chief media wrangler, planner and buyer. She is a tough negotiator who doesn't give up 'til she reaches her goals. Linda, a crafter who actually spins her own yarn, knew she had found nirvana at SRC when she discovered the in-house collection of cat fur just waiting to be spun. In tense moments, Linda's supply of pretzel sticks keep the energy going. She is an avid traveler, and actually survived a weekend in Bogota, Colombia.

JD Keser, Senior Art Director

JD brings remarkable creative talents to many of the award-winning creative projects at SRC. JD has more than 25 years of experience as both an art and creative director and is the recipient of many national awards for design. He is especially proud of the logo identity he did for Safeway Stores.

JD is SRC's best traveler - accompanying his tour manager wife, Kathleen, on many excursions to exotic locales all over the globe.

Julie Kruttscnnitt, Accounting Director

Julie has been tackling client invoicing challenges for six years at SRC. She joined SRC from Creative Litho, where she headed up their accounts receivable department. Julie works closely with all of SRC's clients to assist them in reconciling invoices. A native of Belgium, Julie has two grown children, Don and Kerri, and is an avid sports fan. She is currently attending obedience school along with her puppy, Fitz.

Wendy Constantine, Art Director

Wendy's talents are boundless as art director at Team SRC. She is responsible for the design, layout and final production of many of SRC's creative projects, including the development of web sites. Wendy is a graduate of UCLA.

In her spare time, she is a talented photographer, who exhibits her work all over the world. Her kitty, Jasmine, aspires to join the World Wrestling Federation and Wendy has scars to prove it.

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